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Yorktown Apartment Village Rental Policy

Legal information - Statement of Rental Policy 

Fair Housing: Yorktown Apartment Village will not discriminate against any person based on race, color, religion, sex, national origin, familial status, disability or sexual preference.
Age Requirements: Lease holder(s) must be 18 years or older.  All occupants 18 years or older will be required to complete an application (even if living with parent or guardian). Co-signers may be accepted but will be required to complete an application.
Income Requirement: The gross monthly income of all lease holder(s) will be considered jointly and must equal three (3) times the rental amount on the apartment. All income must be verifiable.
Employment Verification: Lease holder(s) must be currently employed, or provide written evidence of regular income sufficient to at least three (3) times the rental amount on the apartment, for the lease term.
Self Employment: Self-Employed must provide the previous year's personal income tax return and the previous (2) months personal back statements as evidence of sufficent income. Persons who hold jobs that are commission only, or based on salary plus commission or tips/bonuses will be considered self-employed.
Residency: Up to two (2) years residency history will be reivewed and must exhibit no derogatory references. Any debt owed to a concierge property must be paid before a lease can be approved.
Credit Requirements: The credit history will be reviewed and no more than three (3) percent of the total accounts reported can be over 60 days past due, or charged to collection in the past two years.
Pets: All pets are subject to property policy.  Dogs under 20 lbs.
Criminal History: Must exhibit no criminal conviction including violence, firearms, illegal drugs, theft, crimes involving theft, destruction of property or any crimes involving a minor.
This will include person(s) who have received deferred adjudication and/or have not yet satisfied the probationary period of a deferred adjudication for any of the aforementioned offenses.
The application process includes a background/credit check which requires a $20 fee to be paid by the applicant.


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